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“My family is prone to skin tags and moles. I’ve always been conscious of mine because they’re on my neck and visible above my collar. The therapist treated more than 10 spots within an hour. The results were immediate, minimal discomfort and at a fraction of the cost I would have paid elsewhere. Within a week there was absolutely no sign of them and zero scarring. I am extremely impressed with the professional and knowledgeable staff and would recommend them any day!”

Mr Z. Khan 37 year old male (Treatment: Skin Tag removal)

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While some people refer to their moles as beauty spots and confidence boosters, some of us often feel insecure or ashamed by these permanent blemishes which unintentionally invite ridicule and teasing.

Moles and skin tags are growths on the skin, and everyone has them. But it becomes big source of concern if it’s big and protruding, or even worse: grows on your FACE!. Understandably, it becomes embarrassing to some people and may have a negative impact on a person’s self esteem.

There are several different types of skin lesions (eg. moles, warts, skin tags etc) the common problem is the irritation they cause. They can snag, bleed, and hurt. In general, they just bother you.

But it’s easily fixed if you want it removed.

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