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“Noticed immediate results from the 1st treatment. I am very happy with the service and would recommend The Laser Loft to everyone.”

Anonymous – Male aged 28 (severe pitting)

“My time at The Laser Loft has been nothing but amazing. So much so that I am now on my 2nd package. My skin has transformed very dull and lots of marks to an even tone, bright and glowing look. Before my laser treatments, I resorted to Indian cream such as golden pearl, these creams were great in the beginning and had left my skin so bad that I wanted to stay indoors. Along with my treatments I am now using Dermetone creams and I'm happier than I could ever be. I am getting married in Feb 2015 and I'm certain I will make a beautiful bride. Thank you Laser Loft- I am a woman of worth and feel it even more now than ever before.”

Miss. Pillay – Female early 30’s (Acne scars and spots)

“I have been suffering with bad skin breakouts which resulted in low self esteem. Discovering the Laser Loft has tuned my life completely around. I can now confidently say I am confident and my skin looks amazing and radiant all the time thanks to the wonderful team.”

Anonymous Female Aged mid 50’s

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Scars come in many different shapes, size and colours with unique characteristics and features. Because of these differences, the available treatments are not one size fits all, and it is important to carefully choose the treatment that best matches your needs, in order to achieve optimal results.
Types of Acne Scars:
Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars
Hypertrophic/ Keloid scars are those in which excess scar tissue forms at the site of the injury, which presents as a raised region of fibrous and firm scar tissue.
Hyperpigmentation is a condition where elevated levels of melanin (pigment) accumulate in the skin. This creates the appearance of freckle-like spots or dark blotches as a result of the trauma caused by an inflammatory lesion.
Erythema (Permanent Redness)
Erythema is a condition in which small capillaries near the surface of the skin become damaged or permanently dilated. This condition presents as a region of redness in the skin. Occasionally, individual capillaries are visible. It is somewhat common in acne patients and is most visible in patients with lighter skin tones.
Depressed (Pitted) Acne Scars
Depressed scars are the most common type of scar that results from inflammatory acne.  In general, they rest on top of a patch of fibrous, collagen rich scar tissue which anchors the base of the scar to the sub-cutaneous tissue, maintaining the depression and preventing the regrowth of healthy tissue.
Within this class of scars there are three main types that are common in acne sufferers:

 Rolling scars – relatively broad depressions in the skin that have rounded, sloping edges.  The combination of several of these types of scars in a region of skin gives it a rolling appearance, hence the name.
 Boxcar scars – also relatively broad depressions, but have steep, defined edges.
 Ice-pick scars –  are deep and narrow scars.

Effective treatments for scars involve disrupting the scar tissue to allow its replacement with functional, healthy tissue.

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