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Best results after:
Approximately 1-4 treatments
3 months apart

Risks and Side Effects
Medium - High

Back to Work
1-5 Days

Procedure time:
30 - 60 Min

Related Treatments
Skin tags
✓ Warts
✓ Angiomas
✓ Deep wrinkles
✓ Smokers pucker
✓ Crows feet

The Plasma Pen works on the principle of ionized gas in the air and combined with heat.

When used to correct skin tags, warts, angiomas, – the plasma within the skin evaporates. The excess skin dies down superficially and falls off within a few days.

When applied to deep wrinkles, smokers pucker and crows feet – fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and elastin) within the skin are stimulated instigating the contraction of the wrinkle or furrow.

All scabs are superficial and fall off within a few days.
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