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Best results after:
Approximately 8-10 treatments
2-4 weeks apart

Risks and Side Effects

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Same day

Procedure time:
15-30 Min

Related Treatments
✓ Dark circles
✓ Wrinkles and crows feet
✓ Sagging bags
✓ Sunken eyes
✓ Puffiness

The Microseismic iSense Pen is an electromagnetic massager that utilizes hot compresses, variable frequency  and delicate vibrations to gently relax the ocular region - alleviating headaches, dark circles and wrinkles. This massage therapy is designed to contour the acupuncture points around the eye area, enhancing blood and micro circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The microseismic vibration conducts pulses to the eye and surrounding nerves reducing vascular congestion and dark circles.

The massaging motion and finger like kneading of the acupuncture point around eyes, clears and activates the lymph nodes reducing fatigue and sunken eyes
Biological Magnetic technology invigorates and revitalizes the natural microcurrent existing within skin tissue – to thicken skin and uplift sagging bags
 High frequency Fields act on nerve endings, aids in blood circulation, releases puffiness and improves dark circles around the eyes.
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