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Best results after:
Approximately 1-2 treatments
8-12 weeks apart

Risks and Side Effects
Medium (temporary)

Back to Work
Same day

Procedure time:
10-120 Min

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✓ Wrinkles and crows feet
✓ Sagging bags
✓ Sunken eyes
✓ Puffiness


Liposonix uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to rapidly heat and destroy unwanted fat cells. The precise frequency and energy of these waves causes huge microscopic friction between these heated cells causing their permanent obliteration. This makes Liposonix the most effective non-invasive treatment for permanent fat destruction.
A long term effect of Liposonix is as comprehensive and versatile as the following:
• Mechanical, biochemical and thermal break down of fat
• Weakening of the collagen fibres that stiffen, pulling down on their points of attachment in the fat clusters (orange peel appearance)
• Build up of new collagen, tightening of the skin
• Removal of water and waste products due to lymphatic drainage
• Increase in microcirculation and helps building new vascularization
• Improvement in the skin texture
• Reduction in the accumulation of fatty tissue (lipedema)
On average – clients can expect to lose a minimum of 3-5cm per session (that’s one dress size) after 1 session.
It is a very effective procedure that requires only 1 treatment (depending on your slimming goals) of 1-2 hours. Most clients experience noticeable circumference reduction after 2 weeks with increasing results after 8 – 12 weeks.
Liposonix removes cellulite & excess fat, preventing this from recurring in the treated areas.
This treatment does not remove water but fat accumulation and toxins. The only way to regain this fat – is if you eat it back on.
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