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Best results after:
Approximately 8-10 treatments
1-2 weeks apart

Risks and Side Effects

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Procedure time:
60 Min

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Body reshaping

Our Signature Curve Compression Wrap – a waist whittling treatment that melts away cellulite and fat deposits. This 60 minute body ritual is a deeply invigorating wrap enhanced with a cocktail of botanical ingredients to restores your shapely curves.
This triple action wrap boosts metabolism, elasticizes skin and increases circulation & drainage.

A potent formulation of thermogenic ingredients is massaged onto the treatment site. The vigorous motion results in an increase in circulation, promotes a 'good sweat' and improves lymphatic drainage.

These powerful components penetrate the skin and block up to 88% of the activity of the enzymes responsible for forming lipids. The active compounds burn fat and promote elimination of fatty acids.
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