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“At first I was looking to give myself a treat and hopefully improve my skin. I’ve had the full range at various appointments like: microdermabrasion, microneedling, laser therapy, peels, radiofrequency. My skin texture, tone and appearance has changed significantly. I’m really happy with my treatments and wouldn’t stop them EVER! The ladies are amazing, ready to listen and consider what’s best for me at each session. It’s my indulgence and my skin is much happier and looks incredible. Thank you Laser Loft Ladies.”

Ms. Horn – female 53 (Treated for skin rejuvenation)

“My experience at The Laser Loft thus far has been so amazing. My skin was really bad when I started and from my first visit I could see and feel a difference. The staff at The Laser Loft are so friendly and makes one feel welcome. Their professionalism is impeccable and know exactly how to treat each clients’ needs. I would recommend them to anyone. I really enjoy my visits to the Laser Loft and feel more confident now.”

Mrs. Pyoos – female 35 (Treated for Sun Damage and deep wrinkles)

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The flawless luminosity of your youthful skin is only fully appreciated as age takes its toll and manifests itself in skin that lacks lustre and radiance.

From the age of thirty, several changes occur in your skin:

The outermost layer of the epidermis is composed of plate-like cells that protect the underlying skin from water loss. These cells are continuously sloughed off exposing new cells and giving the appearance of bright fresh skin. As you age the epidermis loses its ability to retain water, leading to drier skin.

In addition, the “sloughing off” process slows down considerably, resulting in a dull layer of dead skin cells making the texture and tone of skin uneven.

Hormonal changes, mainly due to menopause, cause a reduction in sebum production which leaves skin dehydrated and vulnerable.

The underlying elastin and collagen proteins (which impart elasticity and strength to the skin) are also adversely affected by ageing, leading to wrinkles and dry sallow skin.

What are the signs of ageing?

Fine Lines
Crows Feet/ Eye Wrinkles
Naso-Labial Folds
Sagging Skin
Double Chin
Down Turned Lips
Sagging Brows
Rough Dull Skin
Age Spots
Dark Circles/ Puffiness and Fines lines around the eyes

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